CryBaby Productions takes pride in the efforts made to reuse materials and use only environmentally sound building supplies, including:
GREEN GLUE Sound damping, non-toxic water based barrier
Recycled denim R21 insulation, made from old shredded jeans! No off-gassing
Firehouse doors from the Belltown station and salvaged sliding glass doors from 2nd Use
Used 2X2 Stop sign posts purchased from SDOT
Silent beams, manufactured chip board joists that reduce the amount of lumber used
Salvaged lumber from neighbors in the building
Used console and ProTools system from Hollywood. The Terminator II soundtrack was made on this board!
Generously donated sound baffles and bass traps
Previously owned sink and cabinet, stage risers, rugs and can lighting
Mural paint salvaged from a local business
Lamps and chairs left behind by tenants and saved from the trash

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